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Keeping on Top of 2020 Tax Changes and Year 2019 Filings

Financial 1 Tax - Rate Changes 2018It’s to prepare your taxes! Our primary goal this year is to continue our tradition of helping clients achieve their personal financial goals.

To make that process more efficient, please review the 2020 checklist (for the tax year 2019) and identify any of the items you anticipate you’ll need addressed this year. Then bring it to your next review or call us and we can help you plan accordingly. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to consider in advance of your appointment to prepare your taxes.

Things to Watch for in 2020

  • Interest rate changes
  • Trade war fears
  • Stock market valuations
  • Your personal situation
  • Tax Reform — Read about the draft 1040

Proactive Tax Tips for 2020 | Overview

Client Year-end Tax Review Checklist

Have you…?

Maximized Retirement Plan Contributions
Identified Opportunities for Capital Gain Harvesting
Identified Opportunities for Capital Loss Harvesting
Explored All Roth Conversion & Recharacterization Opportunities
Reviewed RMD Timing
Considered Charitable Gifts / IRA Charitable Gifts
Reviewed Charitable Remainder Trust Opportunities
Maximized Annual Exclusion Gifts
Reviewed Use of 529 Plans & Coverdell Saving Accounts
Discussed Tax Bracket Management
Discussed Potential Deduction Timing

Here’s what to bring to your next appointment

Call 410-908-9293 to go over these together!

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