Proactive Year-end Tax Planning for 2021 and Beyond

Proactive Year-end Tax Planning for 2021 and Beyond

2021 has been an unusual year and there is still major legislation being discussed that could have an effect on your taxes. It is the first year of a new administration, so investors should consider taking into consideration the impact of possible future tax strategies. This report includes information on …

Listen: Essential Legacy Tax Tips (Podcast)

Legacy Therapy Podcast, Essential pre-death tax tips

Tatyana Bunich joins the “Legacy Therapy” podcast to explore the unintended consequences that can come when someone receives a large inheritance after a family member passes away …

Proactive Year-end Tax Planning for 2020 and Beyond

Proactive Year-end Tax Planning for 2020 and Beyond

2020 was an unusual year that had several major legislative bills passed that could have an impact on your taxes. It is also a presidential election year, so investors might want to think about potential future tax strategies. Although it will take more than a change in president to enact tax laws changes …

New Tax Changes: The SECURE Act

The SECURE Act, Financial 1 Tax

The New SECURE Act and Proactive Retirement Planning Tatyana Bunich CEP.RFC. The House of Representatives passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act on May 23. The next step is to pass through the Senate and be signed by the President. With strong bipartisan support and the Senate already considering changes for retirement plans, industry expert Bob …

Year-End Tax Moves for 2018

Year-End Tax Moves 2018, 2019 - Financial 1 Tax

Tatyana Bunich CEP.RFC — 410-908-9293 One of our main goals as holistic financial advisors is to help our clients recognize tax reduction opportunities within their investment portfolios and overall financial planning strategies. Staying current on the ever-changing tax environment is a key component necessary to help our clients benefit from potential tax reduction strategies. On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed …

The Draft 1040: Adjusted for the Tax Law Changes

Financial 1 - Draft Form 1040

2018 IRS Form 1040 Draft Released Tatyana Bunich CEP.RFC — 410-908-9293 The ratification of the 16th Amendment allowed for the collection of income tax. Starting in 1913, American taxpayers used IRS Form 1040 to prepare and file their tax returns. The first tax return was three pages with only one page of instructions. Over the last 100+ years, the length of …

Workshop – Planning for 2018 Including: A Tax Law Update

Seminar Tax Law Update July 19, 2018

We get a lot of questions throughout the year! We like to help educate our clients by hosting periodic workshops and seminars on topics that we know our clients are interested in. These pictures are from our July 19th workshop, titled “Planning for 2018 Including: A Tax Law Update” Seminar * click to enlarge photos

Efficient Tax Strategies and Important Tax Birthdays

Financial 1 Tax Services - Consulting

Tax efficiency is the measure of how much an investment’s return you keep after taxes. Knowing your tax bracket is a good starting point, however, today’s tax code is quite complex. Understanding the tax code rules, managing how you generate income, choosing your investments with an eye on taxable income generation and properly utilizing potential tax deductions can help you …

Year-End Tax Moves for 2016

Financial 1 Tax Services - Accountant

Special Report! One of our major goals is to help our clients identify opportunities that coordinate tax reduction with their investment portfolios. In order to achieve this goal, we stay current on ever-changing tax reduction strategies. On November 8, voters elected Donald Trump to serve as the 45th President of the United States. Comprehensive tax reform was one of his …